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IT Vortex is Zero-Carbon Committed by VMware!

Reach your goals faster with sustainable cloud services. 

Our IT Sustainability eBook, powered by VMware


  • Sustainability Pressures, Challenges, & Business Benefits
  • What to Look for in a Sustainability Cloud Partner
  • Sustainability Computing: Workload Energy & Carbon Efficiency
  • Intrinsic Sustainability Through Virtualization with ITV
  • ITV’s Sustainability Commitment & Goals and Cloud & Services


VMware Cloud Verified & Zero-Carbon Committed  

ITV is Zero-Carbon committed to powering our data centers using 100% renewable energy by 2030. We have already achieved 25% renewable energy since 2020.

We are VMware Cloud Verified - using the full VMware Cloud infrastructure to provide unparalleled services to our customers.

As a Verified provider, we actively:

  • Help you reach your sustainability and decarbonization goals faster on our cloud
  • Catalyze the transition to a zero-carbon internet 
  • Accelerate sustainable computing with VMware SDDC technology in our data centers

Download our eBook and Achieve your Sustainability Goals

Your Strategic Cloud Partner in Sustainability 

As your strategic cloud partner and a VMware Zero-Carbon Committed provider, we empower your success.

Through our energy-efficient cloud data centers built on VMware virtualization technology, our customers can look forward to:

  • Lower carbon emissions and energy consumption to meet regulatory targets
  • Faster sustainability goal achievement powered/backed by sustainable operations
  • High cloud infrastructure productivity optimizing for costs 

Our Data Center Efforts 

  • 45% renewable energy use, based on 2020 total utility use
  • $15M environmental Capex project investment since 2016
  • 51 energy efficiency projects completed in 2020
  • Total renewable energy in 2020: 102,230,444 KWH
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